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Idea-Generation Challenges
Get Innovative Ideas for Your Business

Idea Generation

What are Idea-Generation Challenges?

Idea-generation is the creative process of developing and communicating new ideas and it is an essential part of the innovation process.  Our Idea-Generation Challenges target all stages of innovation, from conception, to implementation and finally marketing.

For these challenges, the client (Innovation Seeker) requests solvers to submit their ideas for solving his/her challenge. Solvers do not need to submit detailed descriptions, or detailed supporting information.  Moreover, solvers should not include any confidential information in their submissions. 

Intellectual Property

Proposals are submitted on a non-confidential basis.  All Solvers grant the Innovation Seeker a non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide and perpetual license to use their submissions.  The Solvers also grant the Innovation Seeker the right to further develop the idea or concept provided in their solutions and to use the derivative works. The solvers retain the intellectual property rights to the submitted solutions.


The award amount is determined by the Innovation Seeker.  There is no restriction on the minimum award amount although higher awards will usually result in a greater interest from Solvers. The administrative fee is equal to 30% of the award amount.  The award and the administrative fee are payable after the winner is chosen.  Absolutely no fee is due if the client is not satisfied with any of the submitted solutions.

Crowdsourcing Process

1.  The client (Innovation Seeker) submits a challenge to WEBI:

  •  The Innovation Seeker submits the Innovation Crowdsourcing Order Form in which he/she gives a detailed description of the challenge to be posted on our website.  If requested by the Innovation Seeker, we will edit the challenge or help with challenge formulation free of charge.

2.  The challenge is posted on our site.  

3.  WEBI receives solutions ideas submitted by Solvers.

4.  WEBI forwards the submitted ideas to the Innovation Seeker.

5.  Innovation Seeker evaluates the submissions.

6.  The Winners are Chosen and Rewarded:

  •  The Innovation Seeker chooses the winning solution(s). 
  •  The Innovation Seeker pays the award amount the the administrative fee.
  •   WEBI forwards the award amount to the winning solver(s) usually within five weeks of the submission deadline.
  •   All payments are made through PayPal.  The Innovation Seeker can choose to pay using a PayPal account or with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card.  The award payments to solvers are made through PayPal money transfer. 
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