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About Us

We Bridge Innovation Inc. (WEBI) is a Canadian open innovation company that connects individuals and companies seeking creative solutions to solve their problems and advance their research and development with a global community of experts in various fields.

Innovation Seekers post challenges on our site, choose the best solutions and, depending on the challenge type, either pay a financial reward to the winning Solvers or contact the winners to discuss possible employment/collaboration or with an offer to buy or lease their technologies.  If a financial compensation is awarded, solvers either grant a non-exclusive royalty-free license to the Innovation Seeker or transfer the intellectual property rights resulting from their solution.

Challenge disciplines include science, engineering, math and statistics, computers and IT, design, health, education, business, marketing and public policy.

At WEBI we provide a cost effective and risk-free way for our clients to receive many great ideas and solutions to their problems and to find the right employees, partners or suppliers for their innovation programs. 

We believe that open innovation is not only an ideal way for humanity to work cooperatively on solutions to challenging problems but it is also an optimal and cost effective way for companies to tap into the expertise and creativity of a large number of people in various fields. As the world becomes more and more interconnected, and the disciplines merge, requiring people with vast amount of knowledge and expertise in different fields, the time for open innovation has arrived.

Partnership with Lemmens Media

WEBI has formed a strategic partnership with Europe's Lemmens Media.  Lemmens Media's Berlin office manages the European marketing and media relations of We Bridge Innovation.  

Lemmens Media is a pioneer in the area of promoting relationships between industry and academia.  The German-based publishing house has been involved in innovation management and providing continuous-learning courses on innovation management since 1996.

Collaboration between German corporate and academic worlds has improved significantly in recent years.  Lemmen Media's magazine "Science Management" (which has thus far published 20 annual volumes) has been part of that development and is still a trigger of new ideas to foster various collaborations. 

Over the years, Lemmens Media went beyond the printing and online business and has created solid continuous learning programs for marketing, strategy and management in science, technology and higher education. Companies which are focused on research and development, which is key to sustainable economic success, use Lemmens Media's consulting expertise to create and implement innovation strategies.

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